About us

Welcome to our Club...

Model aviation is a branch of model making focused on the fabrication and piloting of models reduced to a defined scale of the original; but model making is a diverse hobby as man strives to explore and recreate his surroundings.

The aim of the CERN technical modeling club is to promote model making, and emerging technologies in its practice, within the organisation.

CTMC member, internal and external to CERN, have diverse expertise in the fields of:

  • Airplanes and Gliders
  • Helicopters
  • RC Cars
  • Multicopters and Quad-copters (Drones)
  • On-board electronics and Remote Control systems
  • F.P.V. immersive flight systems (First Person View)
  • Aerial photography

The club in no way wishes to focus on any one discipline and wish to welcome all modellers from Trains to Tri-copters. 

In recent years, the various technologies involved in model construction have evolved massively, miniaturising, diversifying and making yesterdays ‘unthinkable’ today’s reality!

So why to join us?

With us there is this little less that you will surely find in other modeling clubs; pride. We do not compare, do not disparage, do not envy! We are together to share a common leisure, experiences, knowledge (some of our members are even classified in international competitions) and pleasure.

The committee for 2023 is...

The CERN Technical Modelling Club consist of an administration committee after the Annual General Assembly that was held on 8th of March 2023.

The new committee is composed as below:

President: Richard Francis MORTON

Secretary: Hannes Bartosik

Treasurer: Jamie Thomas Pinnell

Honored Members: Bruce Flockhart

The new committee will be glad to meet you in person! So, don't hesitate to come and meet us!